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Voice and Imaging For Barter
Voice Talent and Demos
Imaging Chop Shop is the premier home for voice work and demo audio!
Imaging Chop Shop is the creation of industry leading Voice Talent/Creative Producer AJ from WPGC/WIAD Washington DC, KRBE Houston, and KDWB Minneapolis. Also involved is BitXchange Prep Creator and former PD KHHT/KYSR Los Angeles and KKPN Houston, Mike Marino. Realizing shrinking budgets are strangling radio creativity, Mike and AJ assembled a team of radio's best voice and production talents to help you. Now, these Major Market talents are at your creative disposal through affordable barter. Imaging Chop Shop Voices are more than just radio image talents. Their outside vocal projects include: The NHL, NBA City, The NFL, Discovery Health, Subway, NJVC, Comcast, Mazda, Honda, Cort, and more. Radio should be fun. That's why we're here! Imaging Chop Shop is the hardest working Creative Production Company in the industry.